Alva Baby Cloth Nappy/Diapers One Size Adjustable and Reusable

As we all know that disposable nappies are very expensive. There is really one way to save money when it comes to nappies and that is to use cloth.

Cloth is washable and reusable, which means more money in your pocket! But when you start looking at the ranges of cloth nappies out there, it can blow your mind with all the different types and styles and designs. AIO, OSFM, AI2, pocket nappies, liner and so much more to choose from. Wow! Some people like to only purchase from Australia owned and made people, some people swear by the CC’s or China Cheapies as they have been called.

However, China Cheapies are not always cheap and are made just as well as other brand made in Australia. Factories in China are just the same as all the other ones. They too have people working in the factory and people marketing the products. The only difference is, they get a kick back from the Chinese Government for selling overseas. That is why they can sell cheaper. Hence just about everything – yes everything – is “Made in China”. Have a look at what you are wearing now and is it made in China?

So why not get these reusable, washable super-absorbent and comfortable cloth nappies / diapers. They are economical and environmental-friendly — Green environmental protection for your baby and your planet,and better for your budget.

About the product
  • The bottom three rows of snaps (the rise) are for adjusting the size to fit a small (8-15 lb), medium (12-25 lb), or large (20-35 lb) child. Simply adjust the size as your baby grows make this diaper a one size style diaper from birth to potty training
  • Length of nappy:39cm in length X 35cm in width,for babies weighing 3-15kg
  • Outer – A waterproof & breathable PUL. Inner – Suede cloth: Suede cloth wicks moisture away from baby’s bottom. It is an excellent choice next to baby’s skin for pocket style. cloth diapers. Liquid passes right through suede cloth into the inner absorbent layers of the insert. Unlike fleece there is no pilling. Insert – 3-layer ultra-absorbent microfiber insert .
  • Pocket diapers are easy to use, machine washable and dryable
  • Package included: 6 diapers + 12 inserts.

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