Radio controlled vehicles are modeled after full-size cars, trucks, boats, and aircraft. The scale of the RC is its size as compared to the real, full-size version. A 1:10 scale Formula 1 Indy car would be 1/10th or 10 times smaller than the size of the real thing.


Common RC Scales
RC models come in many scales such 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, and 1:12. Mini-RCs come in much smaller scales including 1:28 and 1:64. Because the scale is relative to the full-size vehicle, two vehicles of the same scale may be vastly different in size to each other. A 1:8 scale sports car is much smaller than a 1:8 Army tank because a full-size sports car is much smaller than a full-size tank.

Generally, when talking about the size or scale of an RC, it is referred to as 1:8 scale (or 1/8th scale). However, the terms scale model, scale RC, or large-scale RC typically describe an RC vehicle that is not only a scaled down version of another vehicle in size, but also an authentic, realistic replica in body styling, paint job, and performance.

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