Today I had the pleasure to go to a mothers group at Everton Park in Brisbane. The group has been set up on Facebook and has over 500 followers!

I happen to come past the post last night to see that there were going to be some SAHM and some WAHM show casing their products and businesses, so I contacted the organiser to see if it was possible for me to come along and show my products. There was no hesitation from the organiser at all, that was wonderful I thought, welcoming me into her home.

So I pick the car up with some of my products and some business cards and off my 6 year old son and I go to this lady’s house with her with some morning tea to meet some wonderful mums. As I was not the only product there I felt very special to be asked.

There was Bek and Deanne from Arbornne with their Botanical based vegan and gluten free skincare make-up and nutrition products to try. Petra came with some homemade candles for sale. Katrina from Sensty bought some stock to sell for candles and to make some party bookings.

And there was Emm from Bamboo Basix she brought some bamboo products and gift packs that she has sourced from China.

After speaking to Emm when I first got there, we discovered we have a lot in common she is on maternity leave and her and her husband have decided to start the wonderful business of Bamboo Basic and importing from China, just like I have. They have sourced a factory in China for all of their bamboo products and packaging.

I am so excited to show you some products from Bamboo Basix as I know bamboo is a wonderful product for babies and the environment.

Click here to go to their website and have a look around at their wonderful products.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas to you all!