There is a common misconception that when you purchase Modern Cloth Nappies from China that they are cheap and that they won’t last. In some cases that could be true, the material is not a good quality or the elastic won’t last and so on and so on. Not only that, the factory could employ children to make the nappies or even pay small wages, again that could be the case with some products. Hence the phrase “China Cheapie” was born.

Now products coming out of China vary vastly. Just about everything we purchase now days comes from China, or Indonesia or some other country other than Australia. These countries have been living off exporting for many many years and still rely on export to survive.

This is how and way they make items cheaper than what we can do here. Now I now that China’s government helps their exporters by supplementing staff wages and helping with the cost of exporting. Yes the government helps!

This is how they can send items to us on the cheap and with next to no shipping costs!

Why should you purchase Cloth Items from me?

1. I am Australian, I live in Brisbane!

2. I have been to the factory in China that supplies my product and I have seen the people working there and their conditions.

3. You don’t have to deal with purchasing from these countries from Aliexpress or other websites yourself, when you purchase from me, you deal with me (The Aussie)!

4. I will deal with the factory to ensure all products that come to me and you purchase are of the best quality.

5. I will offer a warranty if the item is faulty.

The bottom line is you will deal with me and I will make sure you get only the best at an affordable price! And we can move away from the “China Cheapie” stigma.

Who is with me?

You can view my products here!