By Chris Barnes – Choice

Other features to look for

  • Canopy.
  • Rain cover for wet weather.
  • Storage is useful for carrying things like nappies, baby food, clothes and your handbag. Check size and weight limit – and how accessible it is.
  • Adjustable height handles are handy for particularly short or tall people.

Pram safety checklist

  1. Look for certification to Safety Standard AS/NZS 2088, preferably the 2013 version which is the latest and safest version.
  2. Check for sharp or protruding parts or ones that could pose a choking risk, and gaps that could trap fingers or limbs.
  3. Is there a child-resistant mechanism for locking and unlocking the frame?
  4. Is the stroller stable enough not to tip easily?

Stroller/pram bags

If you travel a lot or are low on space and want to pack your stroller or pram away, some enterprising companies have invented stroller travel bags. They do a good job of keeping the pram neat and tidy, but they can be cumbersome and more trouble than they’re worth.

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