By Chris Barnes – Choice

But what’s best for me?

There’s probably no perfect one, so you need to consider what you’re most likely to be doing, and which would work best in your situation. Where are you going to be using it most? What are the footpaths around your area like?

  • For shopping, you need a stroller or pram that’s not too wide or bulky (or it won’t get around small aisles), and a decent-size basket is handy.
  • If you’re going to do a lot of jogging or walking, inflatable tyres make for a more comfortable ride.
  • If you’ll be catching public transport, something light and easily foldable is important.
  • If you’re going to walk in the park or over uneven surfaces, big wheels make the ride over rough ground easier and more comfortable.

How much should I pay?

The models in our most recent pram and stroller test range from $79 through to $1699.

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